Port and Sherry Tasting – The Port House

Port and Sherry_IMG_0404
Port and Sherry Tasting at The Port House, Strand

We paid a recent visit to The Port House (The Port House, Strand) in London – an amazing intimate Tapas Restaurant in London, which also has a phenomenal array of Sherries and Ports.  We sampled the three below after dinner.

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Churchill’s Dry White Port

Served chilled and recommended as an aperitif so we cheated slightly by having it after a very rich array of Tapas. The port had a rich clear amber colour.   The nose was pronounced with dried fruits and raisins, but the palate was much softer.  Full flavoured with an off-dry nutty oxidised flavour, a creamy dried fruit after note and tangy peppery finish.

According to Churchills own notes the Port is a field blend of varieties including Malvasia Fina,Rabigato, Cadega, Viosinho. The grapes come from old vineyards located at higher altitudes in the Douro sub-region of Cima Corgo.

An all round easy drinker.


Quinta do Crasto LBV 2011

A little research on the internet tells me this Port comes from the Douro, Portugal and is principally made with the classic Port wine grape, Touriga Nacional.

A deep ruby port which gives very little away on the aroma, but is lusciously sweet on the palate. It has black fruit and hamminess in spades and the oak ageing gives secondary flavours of dark chocolate with a lovely cedar smokiness. It has a lovely clean flavour on the palate with well balanced acidity and well integrated smooth tannins.

Its great to drink now but a bet it will keep very well for a few more years and develop further.


Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry

A clean amber colour with hints of citrus orange on the nose. This dry sherry has an overwhelming oxidised nutty tangy aroma and flavour, with notes of hazelnut and almond as well as on old wood leathery finish which over rules the hints of fruit.  It has a very long finish.

100% Palomino Grapes from Pala Cortado

I’ll be honest I haven’t drunk any ‘dry’ Sherries before this one and it wasn’t the most ideal of tasting environments so I will persevere and try again, but my initial assessment is that this style of Sherry is a bit too ‘tangy’ for my palate.

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